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Online Violin Lessons: Why Skype?


Skeptical? So was I.

I first entertained the idea of Skype lessons when there were no local cello teachers for my daughter and I resorted to a Skype teacher for her. I was blown away by its effectiveness, her rapid progress, and the utter convenience — no need to drive her anywhere, and her lessons didn’t even need to fit into my schedule — she could take her lesson while I was at work or in the kitchen making supper.

Thereafter, I began giving my own private students the option of a Skype lesson when they were traveling or out of town, and was again amazed at how similar it was to in-person lessons, and how much we could still accomplish.

Then I delightfully realized I myself could study this way and began taking Skype lessons, and now study with a teacher I love and admire who lives in New York. And the lessons are phenomenal! They are fun, engaging, and extremely helpful. A new world was opening up to me and I was incredibly excited. At this point, I was sold! I was off to the races and began to teach my own Skype students with great success.

While there are a couple obvious drawbacks to Skype — for which I have developed workarounds — there are also several advantages teaching-wise: e.g., students are more attentive on camera than in person, less time is wasted, lessons are more focused, and there is instant access to online tools and materials.

Over the past five years I have taught many students via Skype and have found their progress to be identical to my in-person students.

Once this was established, and considering the other conveniences — zero driving time, no fighting traffic or weather, saving gas money, no waiting time, more scheduling options, the comfort of being in one’s own home — Skype became a compelling option.

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Skype is free and works on both PCs and Macs. (Download Skype for free.)

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