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Parental Role at Lessons

taking notesTo help ensure we get the most out of our weekly time together, here are a few suggestions to encourage the most effective and enjoyable lesson possible:

1. Please ensure your child is on time with violin tuned, practice chart filled out, and with all music and materials. (This includes promptly purchasing books/music, making copies etc.)

2. Should the parent be present during the lesson? Most definitely for children under 8, and older than that, as needed. I will give detailed practice instructions that most students can easily follow by themselves, but every child and situation is different. At a certain point I find it is more productive for the parent to not attend lessons, as this helps the student feel more independent, and makes learning violin their own project. By this time, it is generally better for the student to be completely alone in a quiet room for the best sense of focus and attention.

3. If present, actively and quietly observe the lesson, and take notes if desired. It is important to leave your child completely in my hands for the duration of the lesson. It is distracting for students to take direction and input from two sources during lesson-time, so please hold all advice until the lesson is over.

4. If present, please do your best to not show disapproval or displeasure so that we can foster a safe learning atmosphere. It’s not easy to learn an instrument, and there will be many missteps along the way.  Smiling and other non-verbal cues offer much needed encouragement and support.

5. Please ensure all siblings, blaring TVs, frolicking dogs etc., are in another room.

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