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Maximizing Lesson Time

happy girlFollowing these few suggestions will pay immediate and long-term dividends and maxmize your lesson time.

1. Come to lessons with a good week of practice (6 days) behind you! This helps you discover where you need help, and lets me give you the help you need to steadily progress into new levels of ability.

2. Carefully chart your practice days/time for the week. This gives me an accurate sense of your progression and allows me to determine how to best tailor your practice instruction.

3. Be ready on time. If you’re late, we still finish at the end of your scheduled time. Being on time also helps you to relax and be in a good frame of mind.

4. Have your violin tuned and all music and materials ready to go (e.g., pencil, metronome, music stand).

5. Be fully engaged in the lesson: Be co-operative, ask questions, and have a pleasant attitude – you’ll learn faster AND happier!

6. Focus and pay close attention. Precisely follow all directions.

7. This is your top priority: Make sure you clearly understand your practice assignments and weekly “focus,” and the proper way to execute the drills. Stop me and ask if you need clarification. Email me if you need help; don’t waste a week not knowing what something means.

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  1. Dad commented:

    LOVE the new site! Policies seem fair, and your studio and students rock. Can’t wait to see your new place guys. Looking forward to new recitals and concerts down the road. dad


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