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The Inspiring Solo Recital

Giving a solo recital takes an enormous amount of dedication, preparation, focus, and courage! When taken seriously and given its proper attention to detail, it can be a fantastic vehicle for learning, growth, and sharing. Two of my students will be giving recitals this week, and I encourage you to attend and offer your support and love. You may be inspired to consider preparing one yourself! However, attending the first recital may be a bit unrealistic…

Eliah (2)Eliah Lafleur will be giving his first solo recital tomorrow, October 4th, 2015, in Kazakhstan (Central Asia). He has put in many hours of practice (with the kind and generous assistance of his talented mother) to become wonderfully prepared and is looking forward to sharing his work with his friends and family! If you are able to drop in to watch, do say “hello” from me!

Meanwhile, here in Utah, Ruth Ferguson has also been working tirelessly (along with her mother Hilary (vocals), and her sister Emma on the recitalharp) to prepare a beautiful recital to share at the St. George Tabernacle (18 S. Main Street) on October 10th at noon. All are invited, it is free to attend, and it is much closer to many of you than Kazakhstan!

We wish you both good luck and a fun recital experience!

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  1. ARTe Gallery commented:

    We are having our annual Childrens Justice Ctr ART Auction Fundraiser here at ARTe Gallery Oct 27 and hoping to find a harpist, a duet or trio to perform that evening for about an hour. Can you help us find musicians that would have interest in this?
    Philip, ARTe Gallery 862-0303


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